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These Cats Are Seriously Unimpressed With Christmas And Their Festive Owners

Cat owners are often guilty of thinking that dressing their cats up as Santa’s little helpers for Christmas is the funniest thing ever. Cats, on the other hand, don’t agree.

To help the kitties forgive and forget, TEMPTATIONS is urging pet owners everywhere to apologize to their furry friends with treats once those antlers come off. Their holiday campaign lightheartedly pokes fun at cat owners who sometimes go a little overboard in their attempts to lovingly embrace the season with their furry friends.

Aww, poor little guys. Some of them seem so confused and embarrassed about what’s going on. Good thing they don’t know that their embarrassment is being paraded all over the Internet. They’d demand a store’s worth of treats if they ever found out!

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A Terrified, Abused Puppy Didn’t Trust People Until This Kind Woman Found Him

Animal shelters are full of dogs and cats that need love in their lives. It’s where strays and formerly abused pets live, and they stay there until kind souls take them in and give them forever homes.

Rudy was one of those animals in need. He was about to be put down by the animal shelter when a kind woman came in and saved his life. She was the first person to show him love, and her compassion changed everything.

Rudy’s life will never be the same. A dog that only knew abuse is finally allowed to feel safe and wanted. He’s a testament to the fact that we should all turn our attention to animals in need when we want to bring pets into our lives.

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Getting Stuck In Trees Isn’t Just For Cats Anymore, As These Firefighters Found Out

Firefighters are used to rescuing scared cats from tall trees, but what about dogs?

When the Plattsmouth Fire Department in Nebraska got a call one night about a 120-pound dog stuck 20 feet up in a tree, they thought for sure it was a prank. They were a little bit shocked when they turned up at the scene to find Kora, a Great Dane, sitting high up in a tree, looking down at them with her big, bright eyes.

After a bit of brainstorming, the team of firefighters were finally able to lower Kora from the tree using a rope, a ladder, and a police dog harness. Several feet from the ground, Kora’s weight snapped her restraints, but a few brave volunteers were there to catch her with a big tarp.

Although she was a little cold after all that time in the tree, Kora wasn’t hurt and was happy to be down, running straight for the house once she was on solid ground.

Hopefully, she’ll leave tree climbing to cats from now on.

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It Looks Like This Chihuahua Is In Serious Trouble When A Lynx Attacks, But Just Watch!

The lynx is on the small side of big cats who roam the wild.

They’re not as big as lions, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fearsome. They’re still hunters and totally dangerous to the small animals they prey on.

But in some case, fearsome doesn’t have to mean fearless, as we can see from this match-up between a lynx and a Chihuahua. While that might not sound like a fair fight, just look at what happens…

I was NOT expecting that!

This pair is an animal odd couple for the ages. They look like they’re having so much fun! Share this with the cat and dog lovers you know.

Editor’s note: You should not try to take a lynx in as a pet. This particular one is a rescue. They can be quite dangerous in the wild. If you think you see one in need of help, call your local wildlife organization.

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An Adorable Puppy Just Won’t Stop Grooming His Kitty Friend. He Loves Him TOO MUCH.

For this adorable rottweiler, if there was a fire and he had to race back into the house to grab one thing…it’d be his best friend — the cat! Because there’s simply nothing he loves more in the entire world.

While that doesn’t sound believable (don’t dogs hate cats?), we have video proof that these two are hilariously inseparable…at least according to the pooch.

We’re unsure how into it the cat is…it looks like all the affection is a little too much for him to handle. Either way, they’re adorable to watch!

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Mail Carrier Is Greeted By A Furry Friend Every Time He Stops At This House

Typically, you hear of the ongoing battle between dogs and mail carriers…

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But, it’s not just dogs who dislike the men and women who deliver our packages…

Cats tend to get a bad rap for not being particularly affectionate. But mail carrier Levi Davis knows that’s not entirely true.

You see, every day when he delivers to one house in particular, he gets to visit with his biggest fan.

Rain or shine, the cutie always comes to say hey.

What a sweet treat — I bet his little friend is often the highlight of his route.

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They Thought Their Cat Was Messing With A Worm…Then They Got A Closer Look. OMG

If you think you’re having a bad day, just wait until you see what happened to Marian the cat in Mendocino County, California.

At first, Marian’s owners thought she was playing with a worm. When they got a closer look, they realized that a sharp-tailed snake was lodged in her nasal cavity. As far as they could tell, Marian had been eating the snake but forgot to chew. In a fight for its life, the snake wiggled into her sinuses and out her left nostril.

This is why you should always chew your food — especially if it’s alive and ready to fight!

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I bet Marian will stay far away from snakes after this! Be sure to share this crazy video with your friends and family, especially those who own curious cats.

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A Never Before Heard Video Featuring Britney Spears Just Leaked Online. And It’s Horrific.

Auto tune is a subtle thing that can vastly improve the quality of a song, and everyone uses it. If you think your favorite singers aren’t recording with auto tune, you’re dead wrong. Talented singers usually only need a little bit of auto tuning to perfect their songs. Others…well let’s just say that they wouldn’t have a career if it was just their natural singing ability. The downside of needing to rely on auto tune is that these singers probably live in mortal fear of someone getting a hold of the “natural” versions of their songs. That’s exactly what happened to pop music powerhouse Britney Spears. On July 2 a leaked version of  her 2013 song “Alien” surfaced online. It looks like Spears may not be the singer we all thought she was. Without auto tune she sounds god awful. The track’s producer says that the leaked version is just a vocal warm up. Here’s a comparison to the album version of the track. What do you think?

Our reaction exactly

Wow, my ears hurt now. Yours too? Sooth them with these 10 things that we’ve scientifically proven are more pleasant to hear than the un-auto tuned Britney Spears. 1.) Dial Up Internet

2.) A Dentist’s Drill

3.) The Sound Of Jackhammers

4.) Squeaky Chalk On A Blackboard

5.) Cats Meowing

6.) Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming

7.) Vuvuzelas

8.) The Wilhelm Scream

9.) This Girl’s Laugh

10.) The Original Most Annoying Sound In the World

Basically, auto tune is magical and Britney Spears needs some singing lessons. Encourage an appreciation for auto tune by clicking below to share this story.

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Lunchtime Is Better When You’re Eating With Friends — Just Ask These Two!

When Oliver the cat sits down to eat his lunch every day, it’s always under the watchful eye of his canine companion, Hershey. Even though cats and dogs make unlikely friends, these two know the value of sharing!

Oliver knows that the humans feed Hershey, too, but he likes to sneak him a few kibbles throughout the day just in case he’s hungry.

Sharing is caring, right? Cartoons and kids’ stories might dictate that Oliver and Hershey can’t be pals, but judging by this video, they’re all about defying stereotypes. Bon appétit, cuties!

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Even If You Hate Cigarettes, You’ll Want To Go To This Cigarette Shop.

Okay, listen, we would never encourage you to start a smoking habit. Cigarettes are gross and unhealthy, we know. But, we definitely encourage you to check out this cigarette shop in Japan where you’ll be greeted by the cutest cashier ever: a shiba-inu dog. 

The small shop is called Suzuki and draws in tourists as well as regular customers to its Tokyo location all because of this adorable pup who lives there with his owner. And you can’t blame them. Take a look while I go check out the price of a ticket to Japan.

“Hi, what can I get for ya?”

Waiting for customers.

Check out the little figurines of him on the right!

The friendliest cashier you’ll ever meet.

And the CUTEST.

Probably the only employee who can get away with napping on the job.

(via Bored Panda)

Check out this video a tourist uploaded of the cutie in action:

Sure we have bodega cats here, but this is so much better. Share all the adorable with your friends using the buttons below!

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