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Bird Brings His Unconscious Friend Back To Life By Giving CPR – Incredible!

Windows are by far the greatest killers of birds, causing double the number of bird fatalities as cats.

One little bird in Saudi Arabia could have become yet another victim of a window if it weren’t for his loyal friend. He’s shown in this incredible video nervously slapping his wings and poking his feathery friend who fell to the floor unconscious after flying right into a shop window.

The tiny robin refuses to give up on his buddy and after a hectic moment, his efforts appear to revive his friend, who regains consciousness and flies away, followed closely by the heroic savior!

The more videos I see of birds, the more I’m amazed by their affection and intelligence. The next time I hear someone use the saying “birdbrain,” I’ll assume they mean it as a compliment.

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What A Woman Recorded On Her Helmet Cam Is So Miraculous And Heroic, You’ll Be In Awe

Many motorcyclists like to add a handy GoPro camera to their helmet to capture all the amazing views of a good ride. This woman, whose name is Laney, captured something much more miraculous while she was out for a ride in her Oklahoma hometown.

She was waiting at a busy intersection when she noticed something fall from one of the passing cars. At first she thought it was just a loose leaf (and you will, too!), but soon realized it was actually a small, terrified kitten. Without a second thought, she immediately jumped into action.

Laney signalled to oncoming traffic and scooped the little guy up with the help of another woman standing by:

She was as shaken up as the little guy, who was thankfully unharmed.

Laney named him Skidmark and posted this update of her adorable new bestie enjoying the safety of her home:

(via Reddit)

She has also contacted the owner of the red car that it seems he fell out of early in the video but hasn’t received a response. It’s most likely that he was a stray who had found warmth in the car’s undercarriage. In any case, both Laney and Skids are more than happy to have each other.

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Heroic Russian Firefighters Brings A Kitty Back To Life After A House Fire

Firefighters all over the world are known for saving cats stuck in trees. One kitty in Russia however, needed a much more dramatic rescue than that.

The poor cat became trapped during a house fire and needed urgent treatment to counter the effects of smoke inhalation. That’s when quick-thinking firefighters held an oxygen mask over its face. For a number of minutes, they fought hard to bring the tiny feline back from the brink of death. Eventually, the orange cat sprung back to life, much to the delight of a distraught owner.

One life down, eight more to go.

I’m beyond grateful for these often unsung heroes. They understand that a pet is a member of the family, too. Thanks to their incredible work, this lucky kitty didn’t suffer any permanent injuries and is making a full recovery.

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Ghosts, Dolls, Cats, and Crabs: 10 of the World’s Weirdest Islands.

Lots of people dream of taking a long vacation on an island… but not all islands were created equal. They aren’t all white sands and clear water. In fact, some can be beautiful while others can be downright creep.y

1.) Isola la Gaiola, Naples, Italy

Located off the coast of Naples, this picturesque little island is actually two mini islands connected by a bridge. (How cute is that?) It’s adorable qualities don’t matter, though, because l’Isola la Gaiola remains uninhabited and haunted, according to rumors. Many former residents claimed ownership over the years, with more than a few of them turning up dead or having extremely bad luck with incidents dating back to the 1920s. The first owner was found dead and his body wrapped in a rug. Another committed suicide and one suffered a fatal heart attack. Other owners faced economic ruin, prison, and the suicide and kidnapping of loved ones.

2.) Palmyra Atoll

An atoll is an island-like structure formed by coral reefs growing on the rim of a sunken volcano. This ring-shaped atoll is home to many kinds of wildlife and has a thriving, vibrant coral reef full of life. There’s only one species missing from this beautiful island paradise: humans. That’s because Palmyra, located in the North Pacific between Hawaii and American Samoa, has a reputation for curses. Legends of creepy happenings date back to 1798, and people report feeling “unwelcome” on the island.

In 1974, there was a double homicide on the island, when a vacationing couple in an expensive yacht and an ex-con and his girlfriend camped on Palmyra at the same time. The latter couple returned to Hawaii with the yacht, and it wasn’t until six years later that the bones of one of the yachting people were found. The other body was never recovered. 

3.) Poveglia, Venice, Italy

Located between Venice and Lido, this island is reputedly one of the most haunted places on the planet. In the late 18th century, the island became a checkpoint for all goods coming into Venice. When several cases of plague were discovered, it became a quarantine location, or lazaretto, for the ill.

It was also a permanent quarantine location for the terminally ill in the 19th century, sparking legends of dying Venetians populating the island in life and haunting it after death. It’s estimated that as many as 150,000 people died here.

Then, in the 1920s, Poveglia was used as an asylum. Legend has it than a doctor began experimenting on patients there using crude proto-lobotomies. He was also supposedly tormented by the spirits of the unfortunate patients his experiments killed, and hurled himself from the lighthouse. In 2014, the Italian government decided to auction off a 99-year lease of the island in the hopes that someone will convert it into a luxury hotel. A hotel on a haunted island, the grounds of which include mass burials. That doesn’t sound like a horror movie premise at all

4.) La Isla de las Muñecas, Xochimico, Mexico

This island, located near Mexico City in the canals, is also known as “The Island of the Dolls.” Why? Because it’s decorated with hundreds of dolls hanging from the trees. Legend has it that the island is a shrine to a little girl who drowned in the canal near the island. In the 1950s, a street preacher from Mexico City left his family to move to the island; it’s said that he hung up all the dolls as either a shrine to the girl, to ward off evil spirits, or possibly both. The preacher, Don Julian, lived on the island for 50 years before drowning himself in the same area where the girl supposedly drowned. Today, his son maintains the island and happily welcomes tourists who come for a look. 

5.) Ilha de Quiemada Grande, São Paulo, Brazil

This island lies 90 miles off the coast of São Paulo. Locals call it “Snake Island” because it’s home to the Golden Lancehead Viper, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It’s estimated that there are as many as 5,000 of them living here as the only species of snake on the island. The snakes are so venomous (with their venom said to “melt human flesh”) that the Brazilian Navy strictly forbids anyone but research scientists from going there. 

6.) Christmas Island, Australia

More than half of this Australian territory in the Indian Ocean is a protected national park. Its humid forest canopy is home to the Christmas Island red crab. There are close to 120 million of them on the island, and they spend most of the year happily clicking and pinching away in the forest. Every rainy season, they all migrate out to the ocean to spawn. The journey from forest to sea is five miles, which is really far when you’re a crab; the trip takes them about a month. During this time, they face death from dehydration and attacks by “yellow crazy ants.” That’s actually what they’re called, and they attack the crabs in swarms. Still, the crabs push on, marching in huge numbers on their little crab legs until they reach the shore, mate, lay eggs, and then walk all the way back. The babies then follow. 

7.) Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

This island is now a national park, but used to be a temporary home for pirates, convicts, and shipwrecked sailors in the past. Shipwrecked sailors were likely the bulk of the population. Due to its location, this long, crescent-shaped island was the site of about 475 shipwrecks. When the ships wrecked, human sailors were not the only survivors; horses survived as well. The horses, either abandoned by sailors or swam ashore, managed to thrive on the island, living on sea grass and rainwater. Today, there are about 400 wild horses living pretty much undisturbed on the island, along with a Parks station and a scientific research facility.

8.) Tashirojima Island, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Cats were first introduced here in the mid-18th to mid-19th century to control the mouse population plaguing the island’s silkworm farms. The silkworm industry later moved, and most of its inhabitants followed, leaving the cats behind. Today, there are about 100 human residents, most over the age of 60, but the cat population skyrocketed. Tashirojima’s main industry is fishing, which the cats have to be thrilled about. The fishermen came to believe the cats were lucky, so they let them stay and multiply. There’s even a shrine built to the cats. Naturally, everyone wants to come to Cat Island, as it’s known, and tourists are invited to stay for the night in cat-shaped cabins from April to November. No dogs allowed. 

9.) ÅŒkunoshima Island, Japan

If you thought Cat Island was adorable, you need to see Rabbit Island, or Usaga Jima. The rabbits, though feral, are quite friendly, as seen in the video. Unfortunately, their past is pretty dark. This island was the center of Japan’s chemical weapons production before and during WWII, with more than 6,000 tons of poison gas produced here in secret. The rabbits were brought in as test subjects for the gas’ effectiveness. Another, happier rumor has it that today’s rabbit population descends from rabbits brought by schoolchildren in the 70s. Whatever the reason, the bunnies are happily hopping around today, pestering tourists for food (and of course they can’t say no). There are also golf courses, camp grounds, and beaches. 

10.) Vulcan Point, Luzon, Philippines 

This tiny island is known as the “Inception” island due to its geographical oddness. The Philippines are made up of several islands. One of these is the island of Luzon. On Luzon, there is a lake, Lake Taal. Inside the lake is the tip of the Taal Volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. The peak of the volcano features a crater, where the lava would come from. This feature is known as a caldera. The caldera has, over time, filled with rainwater to form a smaller crater lake. Inside that lake is the tiny island of Vulcan Point, which was created by the volcano. Vulcan point is an island in a lake in an island in a lake on an island in the Pacific.

(Via Oddee)

These islands are pretty out there. Not just in a location sense, but in their history. This kind of puts a damper on my whole idea of island vacations.


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Erick praising Keith, dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!


As painful as it is to admit, Keith Olbermann makes a good point.


The enemy of my enemy … or something.


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The Anxiety You’ll Feel After Watching This Guy’s Ride Is So Real

Like outdoor and indoor cats, there are outdoor and indoor people. If you’re anything like me, you’re of the latter variety.

Being the sedentary creature I am with my office job and love of books, I can’t say that I’ve ever, ever wanted to hop on a bike and send myself hurtling over a cliff. The closest I ever get to thrill-seeking is watching other people do it for me.

And this guy is one of those people.

If doing a backflip over a 72-foot canyon seems like Hell on Earth to you, welcome to your nightmare!

Yeah, I think I’ll stick to reading. I’m weak and this is too much for me.

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Rain, Shine, Or Snow, This Woman Helps Feed Tons Of Feral Cats On The Street

One woman in Istanbul is such an incredible animal lover that she has taken it upon herself to feed hundreds of feral cats in the area every single day. Her name is Vera, and no matter what kind of weather strikes Istanbul, she goes out and takes care of the animals that need her.

Not only does she feed them, but she takes them to the vet when they’re sick. It is estimated that she feeds around 350 cats a day, and she has taken nearly 170 cats in for veterinary treatment.

Vera’s love for these animals has become contagious throughout the community.

She even has a group of volunteers that helps take care of the cats.

We can only hope that these cats will find good homes one day, but for now, Vera does her best to provide them with healthy and fulfilling lives.

Here’s a video of this kind woman in action:

(via Love Meow)

If only Vera’s love for cats could spread to everyone, thousands of abandoned animals could receive the attention and care that they deserve. Let’s spread the love to everyone, including animals!

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When This Cat Sees Himself In The Mirror, He Can’t Get Over How Handsome He Is

We all know that cats are pretty full of themselves. I mean, they are pretty fabulous. But Caesar the cat takes vanity to a whole new level. We can’t help but imagine he’s considering, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest cat of all?” when he walks into the bathroom. All he cares to see is whether his reflection is as handsome as he remembers.

(Hint: it definitely is.)

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If You Scratch This Cat’s Back, It Has The Best Reaction — I Can’t Stop Laughing!

If there’s one thing I know about my cats, it’s to wait until they come to me to give them love.

They’re totally into pets and back scratches but only on their terms. When one man came home to find a stray cat in his backyard, he was excited that the cat was friendly and wanted to have his back scratched. The man obliged, but he never expected the hilarious reaction he would get.

This kitty is so ticklish he can hardly stand it. The sound he makes is indescribably cute!

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I can’t handle how adorable he is, and as a ticklish person, I can totally relate. SHARE this video with the animal lovers in your life who would never turn away such a cute stray.

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Didn’t Think Cats And Dog Could Be BFFs? You’ve Been Lied To For Far Too Long!

Cat and dog people, we’ve been lied to for so, so long.

For years, everyone’s told us that it’s one or the other…that felines and canines simply don’t get along. But if there’s one thing we know after watching this adorable video, it’s just how wrong those people are. Rolling around together, sleeping, and cuddling, our furry friends actually never seem to want to be apart. They’re basically the epitome of friendship.

As it turns out, we all can just get along!

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