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It Looks Like These Sneaky Donkeys Are Standing Around, But Watch What They Do Next!

As far as cute animals go, donkeys are pretty underrated.

They’re usually at the ass-end (I couldn’t help myself) of all the jokes, so no one really recognizes how smart they actually are. And when you get a team together, there’s no stopping them.

On one farm, these sneaky critters decided to hatch a plan. First, they nonchalantly stand around, switching positions and eating to throw off the scent. That’s what I call teamwork!

But if you watch until the very end, you’ll see their ultimate end goal. Every revolution starts small, even in the animal kingdom.

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Genius! Donkeys really don’t deserve their bad reputations. Be sure to share this with the animal lovers you know who will be amused by their antics.

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This Is How Your Cat Works So Hard For You Every Single Day

Sitting at home all day, our cats seem to have it easy.

They eat, they nap, they take over cardboard boxes…yep, they never lift a paw to help around the house.

Or so we thought! As it turns out, not only are they hard workers, but they don’t even ask for a thank you in return (then again, a nice tuna treat couldn’t hurt).

See for yourself — you may never look at your furry friends the same way again.

Let’s just be glad they’re not charging us by the hour…

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22 Animals That Are Living Their Best Lives In Pools

Now that summer’s back in town, you can usually find me wading in still water with total strangers at any given moment in the pool behind my apartment building.

Although dealing with people you don’t know when you hit the pool isn’t always ideal, it’s pretty great when it’s 400 degrees outside and you can’t exactly afford to keep the central air pumping 24 hours a day.

These animals tend to agree. I mean, can you imagine being covered in hair when summer’s nastiness is in full swing? No big deal, right? Just a waking nightmare. That’s why these animals have decided to use the tools in our human arsenal for their benefit. They get their full life in pools just like us, and they don’t give a damn if they’re not supposed to be there.

1. This woman is probably not as happy about having bears in her pool as the bears are about being in her pool.

2. I’m just going to put this out there, but maybe she needs two more bikini tops.

3. Just a fawn in the pool. Nothing to see here.

4. “I are good at water.”

5. “Oh, cats hate water, you say? Think again, sucka fool.”

6. Here we have five-year-old me in swim class.

7. This cat is doing it right.

8. I thought maybe my dog was my soulmate until I saw this one.

9. He even used the ladder like a GENTLEMAN.

10. They might need a bigger pool.

11. Large solo cup, or really tiny elephants? You decide.

12. You tried it, pig. You tried it.

13. Oh, this isn’t a pool? Tell that to him.

14. When Mom is all, “Don’t run,” and you’re all, “LOLNO.”

15. Here we have the guy who shows up with nothing to offer and drinks all the beer anyway.

16. I wish anything made me this happy.

17. Like me, if this dog’s options were swim or die, she would die.


19. Piggy pool, party of one.

20. He’s probably just thinking about Nietzsche or something.

21. Much pool. Very can’t.

22. Bonus Round: This absolute classic.

Grab a girly drink (because it’s scientifically proven that everyone likes girly drinks) and meet me by the pool…with your dogs. Please don’t forget the dogs.

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Police Officers Rescue The Unlikeliest Creature From A Dumpster. And Then Adopt Her!

There are plenty of stories about fire fighters and police officers being called to rescue cats stuck in trees, but when officials in Fairfield Township, Ohio, got a call about a potbelly pig that was stuck in a dumpster, they were stunned.

The pig had gotten into the dumpster after two teens got tired of carrying it down a road and decided to take a break. Not wanting their pig to run away, the teens decided to put the animal into a nearby dumpster. They later found out that this probably wasn’t such a great idea. They simply couldn’t get the pig back out and had to call 911. After police and an animal rescue group got it out, the teens admitted that caring for it was too much, and they ultimately gave it up for adoption. Fortunately, a kind police officer gave the pig a loving home.

You should always be very careful about taking in an animal that you might not be able to care for. Sure, potbelly pigs are cute, smart, kind creatures — but they also grow up to be a lot larger than most people realize.

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Human Pretends She’s Drowning, Cat Appropriately Loses Its Mind

It’s pretty much common knowledge that cats and water don’t mix.

But when a kitty’s human counterpart is in trouble, a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do. After witnessing her owner “drowning” in the bathtub, this feline’s anxiety levels began to soar. The cat let out some pretty frantic cries before trying to grab hold of her favorite human.

And when that didn’t work, she jumped to her friend’s rescue and tried to lead her out of the tub by grabbing the woman’s hand. Surprisingly, the faithful feline remained dry throughout the entire ordeal.

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I can’t help thinking that the cat is screaming, “Mom, don’t drown, we’re almost out of cat nip.”

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When This Guy Taught His Dogs Some Tricks, His Funny Cat Wanted In On The Action

You know how cats are supposed to do whatever they want and never obey their owners?

While that is certainly true for many of our feline friends, this kitty doesn’t seem to buy into the stereotype of her furry relatives. Maybe it’s because she lives with two dogs and doesn’t want to be shown up by them when they perform tricks for their owner, but either way, she’s definitely given him a reason to believe that she’s a very special cat.

When her dad started teaching her Rottweiler siblings a few commands, Didga the cat just couldn’t miss out on the fun. Watch below as she impressively proves that she’s just one of the dogs.

I’d try this with my own two kitties, but I know I’d just be wasting my time. Be sure to share this cute video if you wished your cats listened half as well!

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Neighbors Kept Getting Items Stolen Until They Caught The Weird Culprit: A Cat.

Residents in a neighborhood of San Mateo, California, were uneasy. Items kept going missing from their homes without any reasonable explanation. Was there a thief in their midsts? Or worse, a sticky-finger poltergeist? The residents and local authorities were eager to put an end to all of the robberies, so cameras were set up throughout the neighborhood. They were determined to catch the cat burglar, whoever it was. Or whatever it was.

As it turns out, the cameras DID catch the culprit in the act.

Animal Planet

But it wasn’t a human. This was a literal cat burglar.

Animal Planet

He was busy at work all through the night, trotting out to steal various items.

Animal Planet

His name is Dusty. His owners, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, knew he brought some miscellaneous items home.

Animal Planet

In fact, they have piles and piles of his “presents.”

Animal Planet

They just didn’t realize the 600+ items were from their neighbors’ homes.

Animal Planet

In just one evening, Dusty visited 11 homes and brought home gifts to his owners. You have to see this cat burglar in action yourself:

Dusty was just doing what came natural to all cats. At night, he let his predatory instincts take over. Instead of bringing home mice and birds, though, he found easier prey. This kitty REALLY loves his mommy and daddy. Share his sweet (but thieving) antics with others by clicking on the button below.

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Bird Brings His Unconscious Friend Back To Life By Giving CPR – Incredible!

Windows are by far the greatest killers of birds, causing double the number of bird fatalities as cats.

One little bird in Saudi Arabia could have become yet another victim of a window if it weren’t for his loyal friend. He’s shown in this incredible video nervously slapping his wings and poking his feathery friend who fell to the floor unconscious after flying right into a shop window.

The tiny robin refuses to give up on his buddy and after a hectic moment, his efforts appear to revive his friend, who regains consciousness and flies away, followed closely by the heroic savior!

The more videos I see of birds, the more I’m amazed by their affection and intelligence. The next time I hear someone use the saying “birdbrain,” I’ll assume they mean it as a compliment.

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What A Woman Recorded On Her Helmet Cam Is So Miraculous And Heroic, You’ll Be In Awe

Many motorcyclists like to add a handy GoPro camera to their helmet to capture all the amazing views of a good ride. This woman, whose name is Laney, captured something much more miraculous while she was out for a ride in her Oklahoma hometown.

She was waiting at a busy intersection when she noticed something fall from one of the passing cars. At first she thought it was just a loose leaf (and you will, too!), but soon realized it was actually a small, terrified kitten. Without a second thought, she immediately jumped into action.

Laney signalled to oncoming traffic and scooped the little guy up with the help of another woman standing by:

She was as shaken up as the little guy, who was thankfully unharmed.

Laney named him Skidmark and posted this update of her adorable new bestie enjoying the safety of her home:

(via Reddit)

She has also contacted the owner of the red car that it seems he fell out of early in the video but hasn’t received a response. It’s most likely that he was a stray who had found warmth in the car’s undercarriage. In any case, both Laney and Skids are more than happy to have each other.

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Heroic Russian Firefighters Brings A Kitty Back To Life After A House Fire

Firefighters all over the world are known for saving cats stuck in trees. One kitty in Russia however, needed a much more dramatic rescue than that.

The poor cat became trapped during a house fire and needed urgent treatment to counter the effects of smoke inhalation. That’s when quick-thinking firefighters held an oxygen mask over its face. For a number of minutes, they fought hard to bring the tiny feline back from the brink of death. Eventually, the orange cat sprung back to life, much to the delight of a distraught owner.

One life down, eight more to go.

I’m beyond grateful for these often unsung heroes. They understand that a pet is a member of the family, too. Thanks to their incredible work, this lucky kitty didn’t suffer any permanent injuries and is making a full recovery.

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