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19 Cats Who Did The Most Hilarious Things When They Were Scared

One of my favorite insults, “scaredy cat,” is a common phrase for a reason.

I love my cats, but they jump at even the slightest noise! I have been the victim of many accidental scratches at the hands (or rather, paws) of startled fur babies.

My cats have nothing on these scaredy cats, though. Below, check out 19 of the most hilarious, most afraid kitties that the internet has to offer.

1. She was just trying to take a nap, when all of a sudden, SNEAK ATTACK!

2. To be fair, I would also be this scared if a lizard approached me like this.

3. This poor kitty even learned how to say “NONONONONO” to get her point across.

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This Little Boy Put On A Blindfold And Did Something That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Children are known for being able to learn faster and better than adults do, which is why many parents encourage their kids to learn different languages or take up an instrument.

Unfortunately, I was not among the gifted youngsters in my elementary school who mastered their instruments. No matter how hard I tried, I could never make my violin playing sound like anything other than dying, screeching cats. This kid, on the other hand, is an absolute prodigy when it comes to the piano. He doesn’t even need his eyes to play at all!

Lydian Nadhaswaram is an incredibly talented and passionate piano player, as you can clearly tell from the video below.

He could seriously put any adult to shame with the way he works his favorite instrument. I could honestly watch him play all day!

And it’s not hard to figure out where his passion or talent come from when you see him playing with his family.

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This Is What Happens When You Leave Dogs Alone Around Christmas…

Leaving your dogs or cats alone near a Christmas tree is usually a terrible idea. They knock things down, eat things they shouldn’t, and generally cause chaos.

But not these pups! Just watch what they do.

Saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy PAW-idays” was never so adorable! If only my dogs knew how to trim a tree.

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Watch As This Cat Tries So Hard To Be Fierce…But Is Totally Cute Instead

If there’s a classic example of predators and prey, it’s cats and birds.

Our feline friends really love to hunt down anything with feathers. They view bird as their natural enemies, with outdoor cats killing millions of birds every year. Our indoor kitties get to indulge their predatory instincts by watching out the window, and they sure can get excited.

That’s the case for Charlie, who loves to sit and “hunt.” I don’t know how successful he would be outside, though, because he does something that’s both strange and cute.

I know people talk to themselves all the time, but this is the first time I’ve seen a cat do it!

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Well, Charlie, you can’t eat the birds, but it looks like you’re having a ton of fun anyway. Be sure to share this video with the people you know who love cats.

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This Incredible Therapy Dog Is Inspiring The World With Her Unique Talent

Most dogs love to catch Frisbees, some dogs enjoy chasing after cats, and then there are those dogs who just want to spend every moment in bed, taking glorious naps. But there is one dog near San Diego who’d rather catch waves and capture hearts.

Ricochet was born to become a service dog for those with disabilities. But she was a little mischievous and enjoyed chasing after birds a bit too much — not the best trait in a service dog who needs to provide constant attention to her companion. At first her owner was a bit disappointed, but she quickly realized that Ricochet had a very unique talent. A talent so special that it would end up helping hundreds of people with disabilities learn to surf!

What a special dog Ricochet is, and she’s just as valuable on land! She’s raised more than $200,000 for different charities through both her Facebook page and events. Not to mention the countless people around the world she’s inspired with her story.

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Need To Relax? Watch This Adorable Time-Lapse Of Kitties Catching Some Rays!

Wahey! Summer is fast approaching and the sun is starting to warm up, brightening our days.

But while us humans are running round buying BBQs, trying to find those perfect summer clothes, and slathering ourselves in sticky sunblock, our feline friends are taking it easy by chilling and soaking up those rays.

A perfect example are these adorable Japanese house cats who love nothing more than relaxing in the sun. There’s just one problem…as the day goes on, the sun likes to move around. But these clever kitties have come up with their very own system of dealing with it…

Well, that proves it. Cats are solar powered!

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This Massive Dog Can’t Even Handle Playing With Tiny Kittens

If you think that cats and dogs really can’t get along, you’re in for a rude (and painfully cute) awakening.

When this dog’s human brought home a litter of kittens, she probably felt a little apprehensive. How would her massive pup take to living with babies? Would she be gentle? Questions like these must have raced through her mind. Fortunately for everyone involved, the dog adorably put those concerns to bed.

How great is that? If you need me, I’ll be playing this on a loop until further notice.

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This World’s Friendliest Cat Will Put A Smile On Your Face. He’s Purrfect.

Even if you don’t like cats, this super-affectionate feline is going to put a smile on your face. One lucky man in Russia owns this Scottish Fold kitten that just can’t get enough cuddles. He loves his daddy so much, he’ll throw himself at his face for kisses over and over. 

Having such a snuggle buddy would be an amazing gift.

Don’t forget to share this puuuurrrrfect video with your friends using the buttons below. They’ll be glad you did.

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The Science Behind Why Cats Meow Is Oddly Touching (And Very Surprising)

Everyone knows that dogs bark and cats meow, but we really didn’t know why. That’s what inspired this group of scientists to dig around and figure out what causes the cat’s meow.

The answer that they found is pretty flattering, and so surprising. When you learn the truth, you’ll never look at your feline friends the same way again.

That certainly explains a lot. Here’s what veterinarian Dr. John Bradshaw of Bristol University had to say:

The meow starts off as a kitten vocalization. It’s something they use in order to call their mothers over…the mother is very attentive to those meows. And then as the kitten grows up, it gradually stops meowing, presumably because it just stops working. The mother wants to wean the kittens and stops responding. A pet cat is constantly meowing at its owner. It’s a way of getting the owner’s attention.

Pretty cute, am I right? They’re just trying to talk to us!

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This Is Probably The Most Patient Cat You’ll Ever See

Compared to dogs, cats get kind of a bad rap. Sure, some of them seem entitled, mean for no reason, and just all around uninterested when we’re craving their love…but others have incredibly admirable characteristics, too.

Take this cat, for instance. While some felines have been known to lash out for god knows what, this cat just lies there while an entire litter of puppies crawls all over her. If this doesn’t show that parents will put up with just about anything, I don’t know what will.

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She’s so chill!

This is probably exactly what she’s thinking.

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