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You’ll Melt When You See What Happens When This Cat’s Favorite Human Plays The Piano

They say that animals really do enjoy listening to music, especially of the classical genre, and if this adorable kitty is any indication, it’s definitely true.

Sarper Duman is a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, who rescues injured cats from the streets and nurses them back to health in his home. All of his furry roommates love listening to him play the piano, but one is particularly smitten with the way he tickles the ivories.

Watch as this kitty enters a state of nirvana while listening to Duman play. The little cutie is so happy that you can even hear him purring!

Is anyone else about ready to swoon from the cuteness? To listen to more of Duman’s beautiful music and to see more of the kitties he takes care of, be sure to check him out on YouTube and Instagram.

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Watch As A Cat Viciously Attacks A Giant Dog (With Too Much Love And Affection)

They say dogs and cats are each other’s nemeses, but those who live with both know that just isn’t true.

While I’d be remiss in saying that none of these furry creatures would ever had problems if placed together, it may surprise some to learn that there are plenty of dog and cat pairs that peacefully (and happily) coexist. Just take this affectionate feline, for example.

It’s clear to anyone who can see that this kitty adores the Bernese Mountain Dog next to her — who may not be as enthusiastic, but is at least tolerant and patient!

What a sweetheart! I don’t blame the pup for looking a little uneasy, though. Cats are awesome pets, but they definitely have a scary side.

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16 Hilarious Rotties That Will Help You Abandon Those Stereotypes Forever

When I was a kid, I knew a rottweiler. She was huge, her paws were the size of my face, and her name was Princess. And she was, in fact, a princess. Instead of snarling at passersby, she was much more interested in lounging around on the back porch and wondering why no one was rubbing her belly. She didn’t rule the roost with an iron fist. Instead, she sashayed around in her sparkly pink collar looking for a little TLC.

Like pit bulls, however, rotties are pretty misunderstood. While it’s important to do some research before bringing a dog into your home, the fact of the matter is that individual dogs have different personalities. But if you’re still not convinced that most rotties are just big softies looking for love, here’s some proof.

1. This has “menace” written all over it.

2. Just look at this savagery!

3. Only true threats to society become BFFs with little chickens. It’s science.

4. Nothing says “I’m a beast” quite like getting pushed around by a cat.

5. They are THE WORST on car rides.

6. And rotties definitely don’t play well with others.

7. You totally shouldn’t let them near your kids…

8. …like, ever.

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9. And cats? Forget it. Rotties will love them to death like the monsters they really are.

10. See? HORRIBLE. He is seriously hugging the life out of that kitty.

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Can’t tell if the cat is enjoying this or not. 󾌴 JukinVideo

Posted by RantVideo on Thursday, September 3, 2015

11. Look at her just not attacking that husky at all. Typical.

12. They’re terrible because they’re notorious heart thieves.

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13. He’s just waiting to strike.

14. Never in my life have I been confronted with so much evil.

15. Ugh. Look at those two being vicious and staring off into the sunset.

16. If terror had a mascot, this would be it.

See? These big lugs are just looking for love. There are so many rottweilers battling stereotypes and wishing for forever homes, so if you’re planning on adopting a large dog in the near future, why not learn a little bit more about rottie adoption? Save a life and gain a best friend in the process!

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15 Pets That Are Thoroughly Unimpressed With Their Halloween Costumes

While putting together costumes for Halloween may be a blast for us, the same can’t always be said for our pets.

Just because we think our little buddies look adorable in their outfits doesn’t mean they do. In fact, costumes (or any clothes in general) are pure torture for some of them to endure, as evidenced by the hilariously unhappy critters below.

These 15 cats and dogs may be all dressed up for Halloween, but they definitely aren’t in the spooky spirit.

1. “Get this crap off of me!”

2. “Are you done humiliating me yet?”

3. This pup will kill that stupid pumpkin costume if it’s the last thing he does.

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4. Here’s the saddest Pikachu you’ve ever seen.

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7. This poor doggo’s face says it all.

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9. Someone hates their owner very much right now.

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11. Doesn’t this kitty look thrilled to be Princess Leia?

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15. “So this is what life has become.”

Reddit / CriscoCurls

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You Knew Dogs Were Loyal, But This Loyal?

And they say cats and dogs don’t get along. 

Raina, a female Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, showed her dedication to her perhaps unlikely best friend, a male cheetah cub named Ruuxa, when Ruuxa underwent surgery on his legs.

Raina waits anxiously as her friend, Ruuxa the cheetah, undergoes surgery on his legs.

Ruuxa’s legs were growing abnormally, which would have caused pain as he grew older and impair his ability to walk–pretty major if you’re a cheetah. His preventative operation was conducted at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where Raina never left his side. She traveled with him from surgery prep through the operation, and was there to greet Ruuxa when he awoke–looking understandably groggy.

Check out the friends reuniting in the video below!

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16 Pets That Are Totally Fascinated By Life’s Little Wonders

It’s often said that life is what you make of it, and for these animals, it’s all about the little things that put a bit of sparkle in their eyes.

When it comes to owning a pet, there’s never a dull moment, but when Mom and Dad are away will the children play? Some pet owners worry about the well being of their animals while they’re at work, but if these animals are anything to go by, our buddies are doing just fine.

Pet owners may purchase expensive toys and delicious treats to help their pets beat the boredom blues, but as it turns out, you don’t need anything fancy to keep these animals entertained. In fact, your easily amused pet probably finds entertainment in the things already scattered about your house.

Need further proof? Here are 16 easily entertained animals that are living in their own little world, but at least they love it there.

1. After Mom discovered how much her doggo loved playing with plastic bottles, she turned her recyclables into an awesome backyard game.

2. These cats and dogs are absolutely in love with the sweet sounds of an acada.

3. If I had a tail, I’d be this easily amused, too!

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They Walked Into Their Bedroom And Saw An Elusive Trumpet-Cat Hybrid In Their Bed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — cats are very odd creatures.

You’ve probably noticed their peculiar and almost malevolent behavior before, like randomly sprinting from one end of the house to another in the middle of the night or constantly knocking objects off tables — but did you know they also make bizarre sounds, too? One person recently learned this when they walked in on their kitty snoozing in their bed, and they likely had to wonder for a second whether the ball of fluff was part trumpet.

Listen as the sleepy cat makes adorable trumpet-like sounds every time he breathes.

I may or may not have just replayed this around 10 times. It’s that cute.

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This Man Is Swimming In A Pool With A Bear Cub For An Awesome Reason

Carl Bovard has always had a passion for wild animals. That’s why he decided to open up a non-profit animal sanctuary in his very own backyard in Florida. There, he takes care of big cats, alligators, and two tiny bear cubs named Bruiser and Honey. Single Vision is a place where Bovard tries to make up for the damage humans have done to these creatures’ habitats, and I gotta say, it looks like an awesome — albeit challenging — job.

I mean, who doesn’t want to swim with an adorable bear cub?

Come on, Bruiser, everyone knows the only way to get into a chilly pool is to jump!

If you want to help Bovard keep all of his animals happy and well fed, consider donating to his sanctuary! You may not be able to play with baby bears on a daily basis, but someone’s got to do it!

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Move Over, Humans. Turns Out Animals Love Summer Water Sports, Too!

With summer in full swing, most pet owners love few things more than hanging with their fur babies in the beautiful weather.

But as it turns out, Fifi and Fido want in on the water sports action, too. Apparently, they can water ski with the best of them. So whether they’re surfing some killer waves or paddle boarding into the sunset, these 20 animals can’t seem to get enough of the water.

1. Anyone who says cats hate water clearly hasn’t met this nugget!

2. These athletic primates live by the motto, “monkey sea, monkey do!”

3. “Cowabunga Doodz!”

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7. “Is it my turn to steer yet, Dad?”

Reddit / Steamster

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9. This nugget is just starting to realize his water sporting potential.

Reddit / kcapulet

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12. Are these two wearing matching sunglasses?

Reddit / MrKrisko

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15. “That’s right. Look what I can do.”

Reddit / nursepalmer

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18. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

Reddit / Sixstringer792

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These Big Dogs Are Absolutely Terrified Of Tiny Cats — So Cute!

I’m a dog person. I think tiny kittens are cute, but when they grow up, they can be a bit…well, mean.

But that doesn’t mean I think all cats are jerks. I’ve met plenty of decent ones.

However, I’m sure if you were to talk to these pups about their cat encounters, they probably wouldn’t have many positive things to say. Judging from their body language, these dogs have come across one too many feisty felines.

I mean, what was he even doing wrong?!

What do your dogs think about cats? Here’s hoping we can all get along sometime soon.

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