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The Smartest Way To Cut Watermelon

Watermelon is hands down my favorite fruit of all time. Just eating a giant slice makes me think of summertime, hot weather, and sitting out by the pool. The only complaint I have about the giant delicious fruit is that I basically have to eat it outside because of the outrageous mess I make while struggling to cut it up, and then struggling even more trying it make it into bit sized pieces to eat.

This video will change all of that, making watermelon not only the best fruit around, but the most eaten fruit in my household!

This watermelon cutting hack is one you’ll definitely want to copy, just like the watermelon hack that showed us hot to turn the fruit into a portable keg filled with rum, tequila, or any other tropical alcohol you could dream of. Or, if you prefer to slurpyour alcohol, you can always check out the watermelon hack that uses a gelatin to make the most adorable Jell-o shots you’ve ever seen!

Before you get into the more complicated watermelon recipes and hacks, this is the hack you need to know to get you started. Using a few precise cuts, your watermelon cutting will go from hack job toa watermelon work of art, and because it makes your watermelon shareable, you can show off your new skill to everyone who takes a piece!

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Nature Study Reveals That The Majestic Jaguar Is A Big Silly Kitty. Awww.

If you have a cat, or know anything about cats (you’re on the Internet–of course you know about cats), you know that they like to think of themselves as the sleek, fluid embodiments of grace and much of the time they live up to that idea. But the rest of the time they’re rolling around on the ground and flailing their feet and generally acting like goofballs. It all stops, though, if they know you’re watching. Image is everything. 

Turns out big cats are no different than their domesticated cousins. 

The Mamirauá Institute in Brazil set up some camera traps in one of its nature preserves to capture some animal activity for research purposes. The animals would set off a device, and a camera would snap their picture. One night, a jaguar happened by and discovered he quite enjoyed photo shoots, and spent a good while playing with the device like a spotted, overgrown kitty. Check out the video above for the full experience. 

We’ve also included some highlights:


“Hm, what do we have here?”

“Well, hello there handsome.”

“Who’s the most handsomest, rolliest, spottiest kitty in the jungle?”

“Gee, I hope no one saw that.”

The jaguar was so pleased with all this that he returned the next day for more (at least, it’s believed to be the same jaguar). Perhaps he felt the night vision wasn’t doing his spots justice.

(Via Instituto Mamirauá)

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Clever Tables That Create An Illusion Animals Are Emerging From Water

Looking to spice up your living room with a unique piece of furniture? A coffee table portraying a floating animal by Derek Pearce should do the trick.

Derek Pearce is a man with one unique vision. Called ‘Water Tables’, he creates stunning coffee tables that portray animals “floating through water”. From hippos to dolphins to ducks – he designs the tables so the animals would be plunging in and out of the glass, which represents the water’s surface. The result is truly amazing. Take a look below.


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Loch Ness Is Back As A Tea Infuser

Bats aren’t bugs, and the Loch Ness Monster is real, are the two big revelations of 2016. Made by former cryptozoologists at OTOTO Design, these Baby Nessie Tea Infusers will change tea-time forever. Prefer to drink coffee? Well, then you’d better head back the way you came, friend.

Baby Nessie is made of food-grade silicone, and splits open so she can be filled with tea leaves. Pick one up for just 14 USD; it’ll be the perfect thing for your “the X-Files is back on the air” party!


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3 reasons why all the adults you know have started coloring again.

There’s never been a better time to feel like a kid again.

For as long as there have been mortgages, taxes, jobs, and speeding tickets, there have been adults who wish they could turn back the clock to simpler times. That’s nothing new.

But nostalgia has recently gone next-level.

If you want, you can now go away to adult summer camp, where you’ll leave all technology at the entrance and enjoy four days of archery, tie-dye, and hiking. You can also spend a day at adult preschool, where you’ll do arts and crafts, play games, and reconnect with your favorite childhood buddy: nap time.

Who’s up for a trust fall? Photo by Ville Miettinen/Flickr.

Coloring books, though, are by far the most popular kids’ activity for grown-ups. And it’s not hard to see why.

Just imagine your favorite coloring book as a kid, only updated to reflect your much-improved motor skills and worldliness. Wouldn’t it be nice to take an hour with a cup of coffee and get lost in a sea of possibility and imagination?

If you did, it might look something like this.

Trust us, you haven’t seen a coloring book like this before. Photo and coloring skills by Jenni Whalen/Upworthy.

Beautiful, isn’t it? So beautiful, in fact, that crotchety, jaded adults all over the world are dusting off their crayons and giving it a try.

These books are selling at breakneck pace. Publishers are even having trouble keeping them in stock.

The book that started the craze, “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book,” has sold over 2 million copies worldwide since its release in 2013.

Some credit illustrator Johanna Basford with launching the adult coloring trend in 2013. Photo by Jenni Whalen/Upworthy.

And there are many more like it burning up the bestseller lists.

“We’ve never seen a phenomenon like it in our thirty years of publishing. … We just can’t keep them in print fast enough,” Lesley O’Mara, managing director of Michael O’Mara Books, told The New Yorker.

It doesn’t look like this coloring book train is slowing down any time soon, so here are three reasons you need to get on board.

1. A good coloring session can relieve stress and anxiety.

Many coloring books use geometrically soothing patterns to relieve anxiety. Photo by Jenni Whalen/Upworthy

There might be more to this whole coloring thing than just feeling like a kid.

Marti Faist, an art therapist, told the Baltimore Sun, “When someone is coloring, their mind and body are operating in a more integrated way. It’s almost a meditative process.”

“I’ve watched people under acute stress, almost panic-attack levels, color and have their blood pressure go down very quickly. It’s cathartic for them.”

And Marti’s not the only one. Maybe you’ve heard of a guy named Carl Jung?

Jung was a big fan of art therapy, and he used coloring as a relaxation technique back in the early 1900s. He even believed that the colors his patients chose reflected an expression of deeper parts of their psyche. Jung himself actually used to draw and color mandalas, or spiritual geometric shapes, every morning. These same mandalas are the foundation of a lot of the most popular stress-relieving coloring books today.

2. No paper? No problem. Now, you can color on the go.

Now there’s a brand new way to kill time on your smartphone. Photo and digital coloring skills by Heather Kumar/Twitter.

You know the rule: It’s not an official craze unless it’s integrated into social media. So, as appealing as drawing at your kitchen table for hours on end sounds, you can now color on your smartphone or tablet with just a few swipes of your finger, and you can easily tweet or Instagram your creations, too.

Colorfy, the most popular coloring app on the market, has been a huge hit with the mobile crowd, pulling in over 23,000 reviews on iTunes (it’s also on Android).

A recent reviewer wrote: “This is a really great app. It lets me pass the time in a calming yet creative way.”

But maybe the best thing about a coloring app is that it’s easy to erase your design, start over, and create something completely different.

3) These coloring books are also hilarious.

What a handsome drawing. Photo and coloring skills by Clare Emily/Twitter.

Coloring isn’t just about the beautifully elaborate sketches like those found in “Secret Garden” and its follow-up, ” Enchanted Forest.

If you’re more into some mindless fun, you might also enjoy coloring pictures of Ryan Gosling or iconic images from ’90s pop culture!

And, if you’re a real free spirit, you might enjoy a, um, truly “adult” coloring book.

Just a suggestion: might not want to pull this one out in public.

Whether you’re coloring to relax or just to have some fun, there’s a coloring book out there for you.

Coloring might become your favorite hobby … again.

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Homeless people aren’t safe sleeping on streets. That’s why these ‘parasitic pods’ are so fantastic.

These may look like something you’d spot in an urban design magazine for rich people:

Illustration courtesy of James Furzer.

But looks can be deceiving.

At first glance, it’s not exactly clear what they are, right? Maybe a few fancy extensions on homes for the wealthy? A new public art project? Greenhouses for millionaires who grow their own kale?

Nope, nope, and definitely not.

These design concepts are intended to help some of London’s most vulnerable: its homeless people.

James Furzer an architectural technician studying his craft at the University of Greenwich created these award-winning “parasitic sleeping pods.” And while “parasitic” isn’t exactly a word with positive connotations, they’re actually pretty cool. The pods can be attached to any building to provide a safe space for users to rest their head.

Check these things out!

Illustration courtesy of James Furzer.


Accessible by ladder, they would be lightweight, modular, and a safer place to stay than the street, Furzer told Upworthy.

Illustration courtesy of James Furzer.

He was inspired to design the pods for a simple reason: Homeless people are people, too.

“I feel it is the duty of us as humans to be compassionate to others in need and not treat them as vermin,” he said.

“The homeless community needs to be given a safe, warm, dry space to stay.”

Illustration courtesy of James Furzer.

His innovative designs aren’t just cool to look at they would help solve a serious problem.

While the pods themselves won’t fight homelessness, they would help protect London’s homeless from both inclement weather and street violence.

Research found homeless people in the U.K. are 13 times more likely to experience violence than people who aren’t homeless. They’re also more at-risk of becoming victims of theft, sexual assault, and property damage. The pods would help protect users from anyone out to harm them.

The hope would be for charities focused on fighting homelessness to monitor the pods so users could enter and exit safely, according to Furzer. Ideally, the same organizations would also provide upkeep of the pods, so they’d remain clean and habitable.

The pods are Furzer’s response to an influx of public spaces that are designed to shoo homeless people away.

“Recently there has been a rise in ‘hostile architecture’ across London,” he explained, noting the “anti-homeless spikes” (which I wrote about last week) that aim to keep homeless people from resting around town.

“These are implemented as a deterrent to the homeless, not aimed at helping.”

These are an example of anti-homeless spikes. Aren’t they nice? *shaking head* Photo by Space, Not Spikes.

Alas, for now, Furzer’s pods live only on paper.

The designs face a few uphill battles before becoming a reality, he explained.

For one, Furzer would need to get funding for a prototype. He would also need to overcome other barriers like political roadblocks and finding appropriate locations not to mention the possibility of adverse reactions from the public.

But even if the designs only stay at the idea level, Furzer feels his work can make a difference.

“If my concept can help engage a shift in the mindset of the public towards the homeless,” he said, “then I feel it is a success.”

Read more: http://www.upworthy.com/homeless-people-arent-safe-sleeping-on-streets-thats-why-these-parasitic-pods-are-so-fantastic?c=tpstream

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