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Totally Unbothered Cat Stuck On Balcony Saves Himself During Rescue Effort

Those of us who live with cats know they’re super independent creatures who only want attention on their terms — and in this kitty’s case, that’s true even when it comes to life-threatening situations!

On January 19, firefighters from the Fortitude Valley QFRS were called to an apartment building in Queensland, Australia, after a cat fell from the top floor and got stuck on a lower balcony ledge. But being the cat he is, the little guy had to make sure his rescuers knew he could get out of the situation by himself.

One firefighter was lifted by a crane to free the cat from his precarious position.

But as soon as the man got close enough to grab him, he decided to rescue himself.

Watch as the unbothered cat evades the man who was trying to help him.

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You’ve Probably Seen This Dog And Baby, But Their Story Is Even Cuter In Full

With all the studies that say children who grow up with pets are less likely to have allergies and are often more responsible, it’s easy to overlook the most important benefit of all — how darn CUTE they are together!

Some parents are worried to introduce their newborn to an already grown-up animal, but their fears are often unfounded.

Much like when cats and dogs are raised in the same house, babies and puppies who grow up together only know that their best friend is warm, snuggly, and always there for them.

Eisleigh and her pit bull Clyde are all the evidence we need.

This is Eisleigh and her big, beautiful bestie, Clyde.

They’ve been inseparable since the very beginning.

In fact, you’ve probably seen this adorable video of the two of them…

But their cuteness factor has only increased over the years.

Together, they’ve taken on the world. They learned to swim…

And have explored the great outdoors.

Clyde even cheered Eisleigh on as she took some of her first steps.

Naturally, more than a few naps have been necessary.

And despite what many people wrongly believe about pit bulls, Eisleigh has never been scared of her buddy.

We can’t wait to watch them grow even bigger and more adorable!

(via The Dodo)

How cute are these two?! I wish I could just snuggle up with them for a good nap session…is three a crowd?

If you’d like to follow along with their adorable adventures, check out their mom’s Instagram and YouTube pages.

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Let Your Cats Claim Their Rightful Place As Master With This Epic Kitty Furniture

When it comes to living with cats, our precious pets have this idea in their heads that they rule the roost. And they have that idea because they’re correct.

If you’ve ever tried to get comfortable on your couch after a hard day at work and have been interrupted by your tiny fur ball trying to steal your spot, you’re not alone. For whatever reason cats aren’t satisfied with their scratching posts or animal beds, and instead insist on sitting where their humans sit.

Taking notice of this desire to live like the humans do, one Japanese furniture maker has set out to create a line of products just for felines.

Art collective Okawa Kagu have just unveiled their own collection of furniture just for cats.

These miniature versions of existing pieces are the perfect accessory for any home in which cats rule the roost (so any home with cats, really).

The scaled-down pieces were unveiled in a new campaign called “Craftsman MADE.”

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The campaign hopes to shed light on the area of Fukuoka, a tiny hub of professional craftsmen specializing in traditional crafts. The small town is home to 150 furniture manufacturing factories.

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The cat furniture is already taking off and will be exhibited in the city’s tourism and information center.

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This Poor Cat…Only In Eastern Europe. This Is Definitely Animal Cruelty!

Not to stereotype, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of crazy videos that come out of Eastern Europe. Granted, I’m sure an equal number of crazy videos are created in America and Western Europe. However, they don’t often get as much media traction as the ones from Russia and other former Soviet countries. Which is why when I came across the video below of a guy smoking cigarettes with his cat, I was hardly surprised…

How does he even get the cat to sit still for this?!

This is definitely a horrible case of animal cruelty. Animals can get lung cancer, too. And it’s not just from actually smoking themselves.

In fact, according to a study, cats who live in homes where someone smokes a pack of cigarettes or more every day are three times more likely to get cancer than cats in nonsmoking homes. Don’t ever subject your pets to this kind of cruelty.

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15 Valiant Pups That Became Four-Legged Heroes And Wowed Their Humans

One reason why dogs make such incredible companions is that they’ll do anything to protect their humans and even other animals.

Whether they’re providing emotional support, alerting us to danger, or putting their lives at risk to rescue people from deadly situations, dogs around the world prove every day that they deserve to be called heroes. So to celebrate our canine friends’ bravery, we’re sharing the stories of 15 courageous pups who’ve worked to help others in incredible ways.

1. “Tonight this guy barked at me for thirty minutes to take him out despite just going. Turned out we had a gas leak in our apartment and he just wanted us to get out.”

2. Molly the blind dog saved the lives of seven people, two dogs, and four cats when she alerted her family to a house fire in the middle of the night.

3. “Meet Sam, who recently retired after 10 years and over 300 children found as a search and rescue dog in PA.”

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4. “This pretty lady chased off a bear for me and my cat tonight.”

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6. “I was a hero this morning. Woke my humans up as a thief tried to break in through the window.”

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7. “Meet Zeppelin. He is a canine blood hero; he donates blood to save the lives of other dogs. So far, he’s saved 9 dogs’ lives. I couldn’t be more proud of my dog.”

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9. “I walked in to see my pitbull, Akasha, who has never had puppies, is now nursing a 4-week-old feral kitten I saved…nature is amazing!”

Reddit / drakeXtheXsnake

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10. Bretagne was the last surviving ground zero search and rescue dog from the September 11 attacks. She was 16 years old when she died in 2016.

Twitter / NYPDSpecialops

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11. “My best friend turns 12 today. She’s flown in helicopters, saved me from dozens of bears, and volunteered as a therapy dog at a local hospital. She’s definitely earned a day off today.”

Imgur / wolfboss

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12. ” “University of Illinois awarded an honorary master’s degree to Hero, a service dog who attended each one of his owner’s classes.”

Reddit / razmataz08

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13. Frida the Labrador retriever helped locate victims of the 7.1-magnitude Mexico City earthquake. She’s deployed by the Mexican navy as a search and rescue dog for natural disasters.

Twitter / gobmx

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14. “Cooper the Super Pooper. The hero dog who saved me from drowning and detected my heart attack before I knew it.”

Reddit / NickelFish

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15. “Hero dog recovering from rattlesnake bites after saving girl and grandma.”

Reddit / Aroundall

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She Has A Lot Of Responsibilities As A Cop, But She Never Passes By An Animal In Need

While most police officers are tasked to protect and serve the people in their communities, one cop is going above and beyond to ensure that every stray feline she comes across is cared for.

Gretchen Byrne has spent 18 years on the Boca Raton police force and she’s known as the cop who just can’t get enough of cats. In fact, she regularly brings home the stray cats she finds and gives them love and nourishment all out of her own pocket until they can be re-homed.

When she’s busy, her new feline friends hang with other officers at the precinct!

The crazy cat cop also spends her breaks and lunch hours feeding and caring for the cuties.

She’s taken over 60 cats in need under her wing!

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When news of her animal-loving ways got around town, she started getting calls from other cops and community members when they found strays.

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Once the kitties are good to go, she helps find them homes through an Instagram account.

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Here’s What Work Would Look Like If All Of Your Employees Were Cats

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a take your pet to work day? Well thanks to AaronsAnimals, you can now find out.

Sure your cuddly kitten might be your favorite member of your family, but when it comes to the workplace, they aren’t exactly the best co-workers. Whether it’s playing parking attendant or the boss, these cats aren’t exactly successful at anything.

You might even say working in an office full of kittens is a “cat-astrophe.” (I’m sorry. I had to.)

Despite their work ethic, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that despite their poor work performances, these cats could easily bat their eyes or meow a few times to guarantee themselves job security.

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This Cat Thought A Man Was Attacking Its Mom, So It Did Something Amazing

While I’m not sure where it came from, there’s this stereotype that cats only seem to care about themselves.

Perhaps it was all those cartoons growing up that portrayed cats as the villains, but for whatever reason, there’s not much evidence that cats would go out of their way to protect the ones they love…until now.

When this cat caught wind of this man “attacking” his wife, this precious kitty knew it had to step in. While the camera rolls, the man pretends to hit his wife repeatedly, as she cries out in faked agony. Fortunately this cat was prepared to put up a fight for its mama.

The defensive cat jumps off its perch and begins biting and scratching at the woman’s husband.

In an attempt to let their feline in on the role-play situation, the happy couple begins to laugh, but the cat keeps on fighting.

This cat proved that it is willing to go above and beyond to do what’s right.

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He Helped Stray Cats During His Life. When He Died, One Visited His Grave.

We experience many coincidences in life, but some are so perfect that they almost seem like fate.

When a group of people gathered to say goodbye to a dear friend who passed away on September 18, they became witnesses to one such phenomenon. The deceased, who was known to love cats during his lifetime and even provide shelter to strays, had been laid to rest on the grounds of the Kelibang Mosque in Kedah, Malaysia.

The man’s loved ones saw a white cat pawing at the spot where he was buried, and the kitty refused to leave, making them believe it was a sign.

Now the people say they visit the graveyard and feed the cat every day. Whether the feline had met the man while he was alive is a mystery, but given the circumstances, it definitely wouldn’t be surprising.

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These Siberian Farm Cats Posing In The Snow Are Just Too Gorgeous For Words

In the settlement of Prigorodny in western Siberia, there’s a magical place where stunning cats live on a farm their owner refers to as “Koshlandia,” or the land of cats. The name couldn’t be more fitting, as you’ll soon see.

Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva and her husband, Sergey, have spent the last ten years raising cats on their farm, where the creatures roam free. Lebedeva has so many kitties living on her property, in fact, that she jokingly says she has “a million, maybe more.” The Siberian cats she cares for are so beautiful that she can’t help but document them in countless photos and videos against a snowy backdrop.

To call them majestic would be a severe understatement.

But Lebedeva says they serve a greater purpose than just being furry models.

“Our cats protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice,” she told The Siberian Times.

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“They live in the henhouse, and sleep on the polati, and they have three ‘little bedrooms’ there where they can sleep according to how they feel.”

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That said, nobody can deny they are gorgeous animals who deserve all the praise in the world.

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Seriously, they need to be gracing the covers of all the major animal publications.

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Just look at that glorious floof!

Imgur / AllLebedev

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Though they’re wild, in a sense, they still love their favorite human. “They recognise me as the head of their ‘pride’, and they all obey me.” Lebedeva said

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Would you visit Koshlandia to meet these fluffy beasts if you had the chance?

Imgur / AllLebedev

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